Having Hollie as part of our birth team was the best decision I made that contributed to my peaceful home birth. My first birth I didn’t have a doula and labour stalled and I felt like I couldn’t do it at times. Thinking I could do it all on my own during my first birth all came crashing down when nothing turned out as expected and I actually needed a lot of physical support (back labour!). I knew for my next birth I needed more support and I wasn’t afraid to ask for it. Hollie knew my preferences from taking the time to get to know me during our pre-consultations. During the birth I never had to tell her what to do, it was like she could read my mind through my body language and met my needs without having to break my focus during my hypnobirth. She also took the burdon off my husband who wouldn’t have been able to do it all himself. A doula was a great gift for my husband and allowed him to relax and support me without any pressure. The unexpected part of hiring Hollie was the emotional support provided before during and after labour. She was always there addressing those fears and providing support in many different ways. I contribute my peaceful positive birth experience to having such a supportive birth team. Hollie is a natural and I will eternally be grateful for her support in my birth of Leo.

Shannon, Beamsville, Ontario

Baby Leo

Bringing Hollie into my birth team was one of the best decisions I made as we prepared for our second baby. After a long and difficult first labour, she set my mind at ease, helping me to regain confidence and trust in myself and in my body. She equipped me with the tools to feel centered and focused as I delivered our baby, and was instrumental to me during the labour itself. From the care she put into making our hospital room look and feel serene, to the essential oils and cold compresses she placed on my neck and forehead, to her taking the initiative to ensure that baby and I were comfortable and had what we needed after she arrived, Hollie was always one step ahead, thinking of ways to make my birthing experience as calm and pleasant as possible. I cannot recommend Hollie highly enough.

Michelle Grocholsky, Welland, Ontario

I hired Hollie as a postpartum doula because when I was pregnant with my second child I was very afraid of what it would be like to have a toddler and a newborn. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up! Hollie was amazing at ensuring those fears were not a reality, she helped our family so much! She would come hold the baby while I napped, she would help with food prep and some cooking, she would make me a smoothie or tea and some lactation cookies, she helped with laundry and cleaning, it was amazing and I would suggest everyone has her for a postpartum doula! Do not skip this service when hiring a doula! The most unexpected perk of a doula was the companionship. It felt like a friend to talk to who understood exactly what you are going through. Having a new baby can sometimes be lonely and having her over was a wonderful way to have a person who cares come over and just talk about baby stuff or life in general! I would a million times over suggest a postpartum doula, for a first child or subsequent children! It is something all Moms really should have. Like having another one of yourself around who is able to do all the things while you rest and care for yourself or the baby. Absolutely worth every penny!

Erica Mattia, NOTL, Ontario

Baby Gray